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Upcoming Events

2017 Tritt-Mazing Race Fundraiser

When: October 11th - 27th
Where: Tritt Elementary School


Our PTA Fundraiser: The Tritt-Mazing Race (formerly known as the Dash) kicked off Wednesday, October 11th with a student pep rally. The PTA is proud to announce that we exceeded our annual goal of $90,000. A huge thank you go out to all of you who donated to make this happen. What's great is that since it is an in-house fundraiser, instead of paying a company, we were able to limit classroom interruptions and we are able to keep 100% of the profit.


The race took place on Friday, October 27th. This year our PTA added a couple of STEM challenges to encourage our students to work together as one team, with one goal - while staying active physically and/or mentally. The students were challenged to complete an obstacle course on our field, stopping at 4 different stations where each class completed a team challenge. The class was not be able to move on to the next station until every student completed the challenge.  To keep a competitive edge, we encouraged the classes to try and complete the course as fast as possible. This year’s goal was to have each class use smarts and speed to complete the course as a team as quickly as possible.


The fastest class in each grade received a Krispy Kreme doughnut breakfast:


PreK/K - Wall

1st Grade - Foote

2nd Grade - Cervi

3rd Grade - Adams

4th Grade - Miller

5th Grade - Gardner


So why did we do this???  The purpose of this event was to raise money for the PTA  to be able to fund large projects, grade level grants, and all of their great enrichment programs at our school, such as:  Arts in Ed Day, International Night, and Exceptional Children’s week. The large projects this year will include:


  • Funding STEAM Professional Development and Materials (as we begin to showcase the ARTS more at Tritt)
  • Re-painting the gym
  • Making the Nature Trail safer and keeping it cleaned-up
  • Installing safer padding around the main playground


Thank you for your generous donation!