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Upcoming Events

2018 Tritt-Mazing Race Fundraiser

When: October 10th - 26th
Where: Tritt Elementary School


We are starting the 7th year of the Dash and this year’s RACE will challenge both your students’ muscles and their minds!  A combination of STEAM challenges and obstacle course challenges will provide a fun and exciting way for students to work together toward one goal – completing the RACE!  To keep the competitive spirit, classes in each grade will be competing to see who finishes the race fastest! Similar to previous years, the fundraiser will last for approximately two weeks beginning with a Pep Rally and concluding with the THE TRITT-MAZING RACE.  We ask that you work with your child(ren) to contact as many family and friends as you can to donate to the school’s efforts. However, due to CCSD policy, no door-to-door soliciting, please.

THE TRITT-MAZING RACE is unlike other programs in the following ways:

  • 100% of the funds raised will be retained by Tritt Elementary and the Tritt PTA! This year, these funds will help Tritt with the following:
  1. A new lighting and sound system for the safe arrival and dismissal of students entering the school during winter months and for all out-door events.
  2. Painting each classroom!
  3. STEAM Professional Development and Supplies!
  4. And, as always, classroom and curriculum enhancements, professional learning courses, teacher support, and a variety of school enrichment programs such as: Arts in Education Day, Diversity Week, and Exceptional Children’s Week.
  • Students will work together for classroom incentives that are determined by the teacher (i.e. Extra recess, PJ day, homework pass, etc).
  • The focus of the two weeks will be on teamwork and reaching classroom goals together.
  • Student incentives-
    • Each student who has collected and turned in $100 by October 15th will attend an ice cream truck party on October 16th during school!
    • Each student who has collected and turned in $200 by October 18th will attend a 45-minute extra recess party on October 19th! K-2 from 9:00am – 9:45am. 3 -5th from 1:00pm to 1:45pm.
    • Each student who has collected and turned in $300 by October 25th will be invited to a sleepover with administration and Tritt staff Friday October 26th at Tritt!

**Please note that should your child be absent on any date that they have qualified for an incentive makeups will not be provided.

Here’s how it works:

  • Students will participate in a Kick-Off Pep Rally on Wednesday, October 10th.
  • Students will bring home their dash collection envelopes after the Pep Rally. The envelopes provide all necessary information and instructions.  There is also an option for friends and family to donate by credit card.
  • Your children will have two weeks to contact family, friends, businesses, etc. for donations or pledges. Although you have 2 weeks please note that the incentives are based on the collected and turned in monies by the dates listed above.
  • There will be 4 “count” days that will go towards the students receiving their classroom incentives – Monday, October 15, Thursday, October 18, Monday, October 22, and Thursday, October 25th. If the predetermined goals are met, the students will participate in a classroom reward.  Please return the collection envelopes on EACH of these days by 8:00am.  If they are not returned, they will not count towards the classroom incentive count for that day.
  • Students will participate in the TRITT-MAZING RACE, on Friday, October 26th. All donations and dash envelopes will be due on Thursday, October 25th. We will, of course, accept money after this date, but this is the deadline to be included in the final classroom total.  Classroom totals are the basis for how much money will be given directly to each teacher/classroom to utilize for purchasing classroom items.
  • Matching Donation: Company matching donations will count towards both your child and classroom totals. Please send a copy of the email you use to request this match in the dash envelope and turn it in on a count day. This will serve as verification, as we know it can take some time to receive the actual money. Direct questions to Julie Taylor at
  • Please direct any questions to Irish Finkelstein and Tricia Ebersole at


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online donation reports pulled at 6:30am on count days