Dear Tritt Families!
We're in unconventional times for sure.  The abrupt adjustment in how school looks for all of us from the start in the Spring and now into Fall is not what we hoped, but no matter what that looks like right now, the goal remains the same, ensuring inclusive ways to keep you, our kids, our teachers, and staff feeling connected and supported.  Tritt PTA wants to remain a resource for you with information that can help you while we navigate and readjust to this virtual learning environment.

Some events we typically provide in a school year are not going to be possible in a virtual environment.  With so many families going through difficult times, the PTA has drastically cut the annual budget and is only focusing on providing opportunities that will allow support to parents, your children, and our teachers in a virtual setting.  However, many events can continue on for our kids through online email submissions for Reflections and Honoring Our Heroes with awards and continued shout outs to our kids, using the scholastic book weblink for our Book Fair, zoom meeting opportunities to provide open communications on how we can continue to best serve your family and even a virtual Tritt Trot Fun Run for those that like a competition and want to remain active. There are so many ways to remain involved while we anticipate our return and hopefully, that will be soon. However, in the meantime, we will offer services in a variety of ways to support the needs of your family.
As your PTA, here is a bit of what we have always provided our teachers and school staff that will remain essential for their needs this school year:
  • Copy paper/Ink for the teachers and staff
  • Planners, folders, and composition books for each student
  • Classroom materials at the request of our teachers
  • Grants that go directly to our teachers and departments
  • Clinic supplies
  • Papa Johns Pizza Nights - 20% of each order is given back to Tritt
  • Even Box Tops -- now scanned off your store receipt using the downloaded Box Top app (Several parents have recently inquired about this and every cent to our school makes a difference)
PTA should be a supportive resource for you. Don't hesitate to reach out with questions.  This is our very purpose, to advocate and serve our parents, students, and teachers through services that directly support your children and help them achieve their fullest potential.  We will continue to offer ways that help you feel connected and allow you to remain involved no matter if we are home or in-person at school.
In support and love of our Tiger Family,
Your Tritt PTA  





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