Please join us for our next general membership meeting on April 14th at 6pm in the Tritt Cafe. 
Welcome Tritt Families!

We are excited to get started on the 2021-2022 school year. We have several committees and
numerous events planned so there are many ways to be involved. Please reach out to us if you are
looking to volunteer. Every minute you give to your PTA helps make Tritt a better place. The PTA is
an integral part of the school and we welcome your involvement.

As your PTA, here is a bit of what we have always provided our teachers and school staff that will
remain essential for their needs this school year:

 Copy paper/Ink for the teachers and staff
 Planners, and/or folders for each student
 Classroom materials at the request of our teachers
 Grants that go directly to our teachers and departments
 Clinic supplies
 Papa John’s Pizza Nights - 20% of each order is donated back to Tritt
 Chick-fil-a Nights – 10% of each order is donated back to Tritt
 Even Box Tops -- now scanned off your store receipt using the downloaded Box Top app
(Several parents have recently inquired about this and every cent to our school makes a
In previous years, our fundraising has funded outside lighting to the bus area, cafeteria tables, new
paint, a sound system in the cafeteria, touchless water fountains, teacher room flags and money
towards the development of a new outdoor classroom.
Please do not hesitate to reach out with questions.  This is our very purpose, to advocate and serve
our parents, students, and teachers through services that directly support your children and help

them achieve their fullest potential. 


In support and love of our Tiger Family,

Your Tritt PTA


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