How it works…

Send the box tops in a zip top bag labeled with STUDENT NAME, GRADE AND TEACHER.  If you have lots of box tops, please package them in snack or sandwich size baggies of 50.

  1. DO NOT SEND IN EXPIRED BOX TOPS…they will not accept them. If the date is prior to 11.1.16 they are considered expired.
  2. Trim box tops, but be careful not to cut off expiration date or initials at the top.
  3. Feel free to send in prior to collection week if it works best for you. As long as you have it labeled with student name, grade and teacher it will count toward the contest.
  4. Classes will compete to see who can collect the most Box Tops. The top class in the school will win…. A POPSICLE PARTY!
  5. List of participating products see link

Imagine what 1 student can do:

1 box top per month X 10 months = $1.00

5 box tops per month x 10 months = $5.00

10 box tops per month x 10 months = $10.00

Imagine what 1 school can do:

$1.00 X 900 students = $900.00

$5.00 x 900 students = $4,500.00

$10.00 x 900 students = $9,000.00

Ask your extended family, friends, and neighbors to help collect throughout the year.    We can raise thousands of dollars for Tritt by clipping and turning in Box Tops. Contact Diane Brim with questions