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PTA Legislative News

Relevant legislative news and information.

  • PTA/TTF General Board Meetings will be held on November 27th and April 25th.
  • Local Unit Bylaws
  • Past PTA General Meeting Info
  • All Georgia voters should take the time to check their voter registration status. Voter rolls are regularly cleaned of inactive voters – this year that amounted to almost 600,000 names being purged from Georgia’s registration lists. You can check your voter status, find your polling location, and see your ballot at the My Voter Page (MVP) here.



    Voter Registration Deadline: Tuesday, October 9, 2018
    Early Voting Opens: Monday, October 15
    General Election: Tuesday, November 6



    For more information please contact your Legislative Chair, Susan Floyd, at



  1. Express your opinion to your county commissioner.  Here is how to locate your county commissioner.
  2. Attend a Board Meeting.  The schedule for the Board of Commissioner meetings are here.


Also, see below for other great legislative resources.


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