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Dear Tritt Parents:

         The Tritt PTA is writing to let you know that the November ballot will include an important proposed amendment to the Georgia Constitution, called the “Opportunity School District” legislation (SB 133), legislation that will amend the Georgia Constitution.  The Georgia state PTA and the Georgia Association of Educators strongly oppose the amendment.

            If approved, the amendment would allow for the creation of a statewide school district under the control of a Governor-appointed, state-level Superintendent. The Georgia PTA opposes the amendment because it:

• Removes families from having a voice at their school; 
• Leads to loss of local control over education policy and money; 
• Places decision making for these schools with an appointed (not elected) official; and
• Unsuccessfully attempted in other States.


For more information on why the Georgia PTA opposes the amendment, visit and  For more information on the Governor’s support of the amendment, please visit

Please feel free to share this with any voting member of the community that would like to learn more about this important legislation. 

The Tritt PTA



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Georgia PTA Capitol Watch

If you would like to know what is happening with PTA at a State and National level, you can find that information at the Geogia PTA Capitol Watch Page.


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