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Relevant legislative news and information.

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  • All Georgia voters should take the time to check their voter registration status. Voter rolls are regularly cleaned of inactive voters – this year that amounted to almost 600,000 names being purged from Georgia’s registration lists. You can check your voter status, find your polling location, and see your ballot at the My Voter Page (MVP) here


    HB 301 (Cantrell) - Education Savings Accounts would create a new private school voucher with a potential annual cost of over $20 million.

    Our friends at the Professional Association of Georgia Educators (PAGE) have done the calculations and found that per voucher student, systems will lose almost double the amount of funding received for a similar public school student. This is because the bill awards the district's average per pupil state allotment to the voucher student, not the actual funds earned.  This average includes funds from all programs (special education, English Language Learners, gifted, etc), regardless if the voucher student would otherwise qualify.  Please read PAGE's alert for more information.

    It takes under 5 minutes to call and/or email your legislators and tell them to protect public school funding by voting "NO" on HB 301.

    You can look up your legislators at the Georgia PTA Action Center. 


    Yes we know it is the weekend, but we need your help to STOP a fast-moving bill.  Senate Bill 173 (SB 173)  was introduced on Friday, February 22, and in just 4 short legislative days has passed out of subcommittee (with no vote), out of full committee (with no public testimony), and is now in Senate Rules for consideration on MONDAY, March 4!

    Senate Rules is the committee of Senate leaders who decide which bills will be brought before the full senate. If a bill does not move out of the Rules committee, it cannot be voted on – this is why we need your help, NOW!

    If passed, SB 173 would be Georgia’s 3rd private school voucher program and could cost students, schools, and local districts millions.  The fiscal note  of a similar bill in the House (HB 301) shows a potential additional cost of over $270 million per year.  

    PTA OPPOSES voucher in all forms – PTA’s position is public funds should be used so all children can benefit – not just a select few.

    What should you do?

    We need you and your community to contact your state senator THIS WEEKEND (March 2-3) and let him or her know that you support children and public schools and oppose public funds being diverted.  This is especially important if your senator is a member of the Senate Rules Committee (see below).  

    When contacting your Senator (find contact information here), be sure to explain how this diversion of funds would negatively impact your child and other students in her or his school.  Also, remind the senator that you expect your elected officials to support strong public schools for all children.

    If your senator is listed below, please be sure to specifically ask that he or she notpass SB 173 out of Rules.  This bill does not have a fiscal note, is not revenue neutral, lacks accountability for public funds, and will divert much needed funds from all other students in the state.

    You can find more information about the committee hearings and the bill in the Professional Association of Georgia Educators’ (PAGE) report here and the Georgia School Boards Association’s report here (Day 24).

    There are many other reasons why this bill would negatively impact our students.  Please email us if you would like more information.

    Thank you for sharing this with your community and your advocacy efforts!

    Reported by: Diane Jacobi, Legislative Chair


    For more information please contact your Legislative Chair, Susan Floyd, at



  1. Express your opinion to your county commissioner.  Here is how to locate your county commissioner.
  2. Attend a Board Meeting.  The schedule for the Board of Commissioner meetings are here.


Also, see below for other great legislative resources.


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